How to Resolve SQL Server Error 8939 - A Complete Tutorial

SQL is a Relational Database Management System that is very useful for the management of databases. It is used in numerous organizations for the exchange of crucial files. However, sometimes it results in a few error messages. One such error message is SQL Server error 8939. It does not allow users to access the files and creates hurdles in between their work.

Hii, this is Ann J. Adams, I encountered SQL Error 8939 while trying to execute a query on my database. Can you please help me understand the cause of this error and provide guidance on how to resolve it? The error message displayed is:

SQL Server Error 8939

In this blog, we will provide manual and automated solutions to resolve this error efficiently. For this, keep reading the post until the end to get productive methods for desired results.

Reason and Consequence of SQL Server Error 8939

The error generally occurred by the corruption in the database. It could be a minor or severe corruption. Various factors lead to this damage in SQL databases such as attacks from malicious viruses, wrong settings or updation in SQL Server, abrupt shutdown of the system or a running program, power failure, hardware failure, Operating systems issues, etc.

Now, to know the consequence or outcome of the error, let us go through this query as mentioned below:

“I have the bulk of the database in SQL Server, which is so easy to access. However, last night when I tried to open a file I received an SQL error code 8939. Even the fear of database corruption is a nightmare to me as I have so many crucial files on this platform. Therefore, I attempted one more time to open that file, but even then, I received a similar error. I was shocked and started to search for a relevant solution. However, I was not able to find any way to get out of this situation. Finally, tired from all the efforts, now I am seeking help to fix SQL Server Error 8939 as soon as possible. Please help me out if you have any trick to fix it.”

Now, let’s have a look at the manual method to resolve this error.

Manual Method to Resolve SQL Error 8939

To resolve SQL Server error 8939 or corruption in the SQL database, the manual method involves using the DBCC CHECKDB process. DBCC CHECKDB is a utility used to detect and identify issues within the SQL Database. If any errors or corruption are found during the check, they can be repaired using one of the following three commands:

  1. REPAIR_ALLOW_DATALOSS:: This option effectively repairs the corrupted data but carries the risk of potential data loss.
  2. REPAIR_REBUILD:: This command reconstructs the entire database from scratch to rebuild the corrupted pages. However, this method can be time-consuming due to its comprehensive nature.
  3. REPAIR_FAST:: Using this command provides a faster repair approach, but it only targets specific issues and does not address the entire database as a whole.

The syntax of using DBCC CHECKDB Command is


It's essential to carefully assess the severity of the corruption and the importance of the data before deciding which repair command to use. In many cases, using a valid backup to restore the database to a known good state is the preferred and safest method to recover from errors or corruption. If a backup is not available, employing the appropriate repair command should be done with the guidance of experienced database administrators to minimize potential data loss and ensure a successful recovery

Automated Solution to resolve SQL Server Error 8939

SQL Recovery Software is the most trusted automated solution around the globe. This tool has the capability to recover the corrupted files of the SQL database and resolve all the errors that occur in the SQL. Additionally, it offers such a user-friendly interface that is used by everyone even those without technical knowledge.

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Furthermore, this software offers users the flexibility to selectively export data, allowing them to choose between exporting only the database schema or both the schema and the database contents. In addition to this feature, the tool is compatible with all the latest versions of SQL Server, ensuring seamless operation across different environments.

Moreover, it offers various advanced features to provide ease in the user's work. A few of them are:

Now, let’s have a look at its working to resolve the SQL Server error 8939 which will depend upon the following steps mentioned below:

The working of this tool will depend upon the following steps mentioned below:

Step 1.: Download and install the tool on your system.

Download the Tool

Step 2.: Launch the tool and click on the "Open" button to select the desired database files.

Select MDF File

Step 3.: In the "Scan Mode" section, choose the version of your SQL Server.

Select Advanced Scan

Step 4.: Click on the "Export" button and select one of the following options: -"Export SQL Server Database" - "Export as Compatible Script" - "Export as CSV"


Step 5.: Select the "Create Database" option and choose either "Schema only" or "Schema with Data."

Export Repaired File

Step 6.: Finally, click on the "Export" button to initiate the process.


In this blog, we have successfully solved your query related to SQL Server error 8939 by providing a manual and automated solution. You can opt for any solution as per your choice but our recommendation is always an automated solution. It is because as mentioned above that DBCC CHECKDB command results in a loss of data. Moreover, sometimes it is not possible to fix SQL error 8939 with the help of this strategy.

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