SQL Server Index Corruption: Trap the Best Way


The article discusses about the SQL server index corruption problem. All possible ways to fix the issue is provided in this blog.

The SQL Server is generally set up and utilized by different medium and large business users. It provides ease while storing and accessing bulk amount of data in a safe and secure manner. This is true that the server is reliable platform to work upon but, its files are still highly prone to the corruption.

The corruption level and type induced in the Microsoft SQL server is totally different. One such problem is the corruption in clustered index. This makes the database file of the server i.e., MDF and NDF file inaccessible. Yes, of course, this might be a worst situation for an administrator when SQL server index corruption occurs. Therefore, let’s remove all the worries and come solve error in the upcoming section.

Causes behind SQL Server Index Corruption

Before learning the solution of the problem, it is important to know reasons behind current error situation occurrence. When corruption occurs in the database clustered index, you are going to find following kind of error message:

SQL Server Index Corruption Error

Now a question arises that what is this clustered index?

‘Clustered index is a different type of index, which reorders the manner in which records were physically stored. One table is having only one clustered index. When there are more than one clustered index, the application displays SQL server error 1902.

Resolve SQL Server Clustered Index Corruption

There could be a need to create multiple indexes on a table, which will be considered as non-clustered indexes. It is so because the SQL server database table is capable of having only one clustered index within it. One can also drop the previous clustered index and then, create a new one for fulfilling their purpose.

The DBCC CHECKDB command examines both physical as well as logical database integrity. So, first of all, run this command and learn the Database ID, Index ID, and Object ID.

Once you are done with index ID checking, choose any of the following highlighted options that helps in handling the SQL server index corruption :

  • Restoring the server backup file
  • Using a third party repairing utility

Restore the Backup File

Note : This method is only applicable when you are having a backup file of the SQL server. First of all, an individual will have to restore the database file of SQL server. This approach involves regaining of the page level and tables. Well, this concept of restoration is useful only when there are less modifications made in the server. If the corruption exists in several pages of clustered database then, one will have to perform restoration of the database. One can make use of DBCC CHECKDB command for verifying logical as well as physical database object integrity. This will help you in tracking the actual corruption cause.

Using A Third Party Repairing Utility

The another reliable way to tackle with SQL server index corruption is usage of SQL Database Repair Software. The tool is capable of repairing damaged as well as corrupted MDF files of the SQL server. It utilizes minimum time duration in resolving the error. The recommended method guarantees that it will be fixing problem and thus, removing all manual interventions. It is not important to have backup of the SQL server database to execute this approach.

Instant Solution to Handle SQL Server Index Corruption

Users can opt for a multifaceted software to fix this server clustered index problem. The software does not requires any highly qualified person to work with this product. It is so because tool is having an easy-to-use interface, benefiting users to repair file in shortest time period. Below-mentioned are some capabilities provided by this application to fix SQL server index corruption :

  • Repairs damaged as well as corrupted MDF and NDF files
  • Extracts all SQL indexes, tables, rules, triggers, rules, etc.
  • Capable of regaining permanently deleted or lost records
  • Provides different options to save recovered data on PC

Let Sum Up

The approaches to fix SQL server index corruption is need for every hour. It is so because there is no time when the corruption will occur in the server. So, here we have provided with one of the best measure to resolve the issue i.e., SQL recovery software. The application will rapidly solve problem without any harm to the existing data. Before ending up the blog, we would like to advise our readers to periodically take backup of the SQL server. It is so because if the backup file is available then, the problem will be fixed just by data restoration for free.