SQL Log Analyzer

Read SQL Server Transaction Log File & Extract Data From SQL Server Log File (.ldf) with the SQL Log Viewer

  • Analyze SQL Server transaction log: Insert, Update, Delete
  • Read SQL Log file as per Transaction, Name, Time, Table Name, & Query
  • View SQL transaction log with Online & Offline DB options
  • Preview transaction logs before SQL log recovery
  • Open SQL log file of SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014 & all below versions.
  • Analyze log activies of secondary database file (NDF)
  • Export transaction logs to SQL Server Database,.sql scripts or .csv format
  • Export selected transaction logs by applying Date filters
  • Support Advanced Data Types like hierarchyid, datetimeoffset, sql_variant, Datetime2 etc
  • Support Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 & Windows 10

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SQL Log Analyzer to Read SQL Server Transaction Log

SQL Server stores its data in two different files formats. The first one is master database file (.mdf) which keeps physical entries and second is transaction log file (.ldf) which keeps all the transaction log activities. The log file contains very crucial information because it captures all the transaction log activities performed in a database. However, they cannot be easily read. Therefore, SQL log file viewer is deployed when user wants to open SQL Server database transaction log file. The SQL transaction log reader tool has easy graphical user interface and simple features so that user can easily open and view SQL transaction logs.

Key Features of SQL Transaction Log Viewer

Analyze SQL Transaction Log

Analyze SQL Log File (LDF)

View SQL database transaction log details like delete, insert, update with simplicity in a structured data type manner.

Preview Log Activities

Preview SQL Log Activities

Using log analyzer users can easily preview their transaction logs activity like Table, Query, Time when they get excuted on database.

Export SQL Data

Export SQL Query

Export in three different way:

  • Export SQL Server Database
  • SQL Compatible script
  • CSV File
Recover Deleted Records From .ldf File

Perform SQL Server Transaction Log Recovery

Perform deleted transaction log recovery of SQL database by analysing log file transaction DELETE operation and easily get recover deleted data.

Recover and Export

No Need of SQL Server

View SQL log file transactions without SQL Server live environment as well as recover and export the data on local machine as .str file.

Save Selected Tables data

SQL script for Export & Save

It helps to save your time by exporting seleted tables as per your need. Thus this selective Export feature prevent wastage of time.

Support SQL and Windows Version

Supports SQL Server 2017

The SQL log reader tool can support SQL Server database Version upto 2017 as well as it Supports all Windows versions.


Filter & Sort Log Attributes

The SQL log file reader helps to sort the elements according to there type like tables, transcastions operations, Date, Time, Tables

Quickly Recover Deleted Data From SQL Log File


It is preferred to recover deleted data from SQL Server transaction log file using SQL log analyzer tool.

The SQL log file reader analyzes log file (.ldf) transactions and automatically detects the associated MDF files that are corrupted. This avoids the scanning of entire MDF files in the database which would otherwise take more time. The recovery process speeds up because of the following characteristics of log files:

  • Small Sized Log Files – The SQL Server LDF files are very small in size as it does not contain primary data but only consists of transaction information. Therefore SQL log reader tool quickly detects corrupted LDF file and its associated damaged MDF files.
  • LDF Transactions – Observing LDF activity such as Transaction, Time, Table Name, Transaction Name and Query makes analyzing process easy and rapid, which in return makes SQL recovery process quick.
  • LDF Log Activity - log file transactions like INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, CREATE etc. play a big role in analyzing and recognizing spoilt log files speedily. Reciprocally, SQL transaction log viewer helps in tracking the transaction log activities of a database.
  • Recover Deleted Data In Simple Recovery Mode - The SQL log Analyzer tool built with such features that it can recover accidentally deleted data from a table in SQL Server database if the database is in Simple recovery mode or if you don't have any recent backup of your transaction logs.

Download SQL Server Transaction Log Reader


SQL Transaction Log Reader

Version 6.0
Size 7.7 MB
SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005 & 2000
Win OS 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & All Below Versions
Minimum Ram 2 GB
Hard Disk Space 100 MB
Demo version enables free 7 days trial to preview and analyze the SQL Server log file with Online and Offline options.

Watch How to Read SQL Transaction Logs


Screenshots of SQL Log Viewer

Frequently Asked Questions

How to view SQL Server Transaction Logs?
Steps to read database transaction logs in SQL Server:
  1. Launch SQL Server Transaction Log Reader
  2. Select database Scan options: Online or Offline to view SQL transaction logs
  3. Analyze SQL Server Transaction logs once the scanning process completed
  4. View transactions by Transaction, Login Name, Time, Table Name etc
Does this SQL log analyzer able to view deleted records?
Yes, The SQL Server log file viewer is capable of reading all the records (Insert, update & Delete) performed in a database.
Can I read SQL log file of SQL Server version 2017?
Yes The SQL transaction log reader is capable to open SQL log file of version 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and 2005.
Does the SQL log file reader required to have .mdf file to view SQL transaction logs?
Yes, To view SQL log file transactions, the associated .mdf file is required to process the .ldf file.
Can I read SQL Server transaction log file with this SQL log analyzer tool without having SQL Server environment?
Yes, the SQL transaction log viewer is able to analyze SQL Server transaction log without having SQL Server environment.
Is It Possible to recover mistakenly deleted records from SQL database table?
Yes, Software can easily recover deleted data from transaction log file in SQL Server if the database is in Simple recovery mode.
Can I track the users who have deleted records from my table in SQL Server?
Yes, SQL transaction log viewer is capble to track the users who perform certain transactional activities in SQL database table.

Client Reviews of SQL Log Analyzer Tool

Steven Andrick, Melbourne


The SQL Server log file viewer not only helps in detecting corruption roots in SQL database files but also helps in forensic analysis of a SQL Server log file to a greater extent. My experience of working with SQL transaction log analyzer was awesome as it helped in resolving a case by analyzing the SQL Server transaction logs thoroughly. I would suggest this tool to all investigative authorities as well.

Stephen, Australia


I had some table's in my database which was accessible to many users. While I was making a report I queried records from my tables and I found that there are some records which are missing from my tables. I tried some manual solutions but it took long time to get the details of user who have deleted data from my table. At last I tried this SQL transaction log viewer and tracked all users who deleted records from my database tables.

Serena Asquith, Chicago


Logs play an important role in detection and rectification of actual cause behind database corruption. When all the implemented methods failed to recover corrupted master.mdf file, I took assistance of the SQL log analyzer tool to View the transaction logs and it instantly helped in eliminating the issue. Thanks to Developers for building such forensic utility.

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