SQL Password Recovery

Reset & Recover SQL Server Password In Case of Loss with SQL Password Reset Software.

  • Remove Unknown and Empty Passwords from Master.mdf
  • Recover SA / USER password of SQL Server
  • Remove SA Password of any length
  • Reset SQL account password of any User
  • Reset password of SQL Server 2019 & all below versions
  • Installation of Microsoft SQL Server is not required to reset SA password
  • Tool can recover Multilingual Password of MDF files

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SQL Password Recovery Tool to Recover Lost SQL Password

The process to reset SQL SA password is quite easily executable but is a far different procedure than recovery of SQL Server password. SQL SA Password Recovery tool is an application built for the kind of users looking for resetting their lost SQL database password when the situation involves cases like loss of password or forgetting one.

When you are unable to recall the password you had set for your SQL Server database, it is possible to get back its accessibility using the referred solution. This program is capable of recovering lost SQL password without interfering at all with the database.

Key Features of SQL SA Password Recovery Tool

SQL SA Password Recovery

Reset SQL Server Password

This password unlocking tool proficiently reset SQL Server database file password allows to user to login in it without any restriction.

Master Database Password

Recover SQL SA/User Passwords

SQL password recovery software is well capable to reset password of both types of account like SQL Server SA account and Database Users level password.

Lengthy Password

Recover Lost SA Password of Any Length

recover SQL Server database password of any length and any type. it doesn't matter whether it is alphanumeric or numeric etc.

Selective Password

Reset Selective User Password

Tool implicitly reset selective & Multiple user name password among all the users of the SQL Server database account.

SQL Server live

No Need To Remove SQL Server

As using SQL Server password recovery tool you can reset and recover the password of SQL database file without removing SQL Server.

Support Variants

Supports SQL Server

This password unlocker supports SQL Server version upto 2019 and overall Windows operating System versions.

How to Recover SA Password in Case Of A Disabled SA Password


It is preferred to recover lost SQL Server password using SQL password reset tool. Learn How!

There have been cases observed where the SA password gets disabled which is a little trickier situation to overcome; however, for those who have been caught up in the respective cases, follow the mentioned steps:

  • As an individual user; start up Microsoft SQL Server using the –m flag through command line.
  • Run it as an Administrator.
  • When on the Roles page of Server, choose sysadmin and reset Admin password SQL accordingly.

Other methods of resetting SA password in different scenarios is; via using an SQL Server query based command which requires technical know how from the end user for understanding the query and implementing it in a right way then, following rest of the procedure to reset password.

However, one more method that helps to reset SQL Server SA password is executed via SQL Server Management Console. But the only chief requirement for a successful processing of this method is that the old password must be known to the user to change and reset it to new.

Meanwhile, if your requirement is not resetting SQL Server Admin password but to recover lost SQL Server password then, it is certainly not possible to be carried out manually. Hence, users who have lost/forgotten their SQL SA i.e. System Administrator password cannot get a solution following these ways.

SQL Database Password Recovery

Using the recovery solution offered by our esteemed organization, one can easily overcome situations where they have lost access to their database simply because they no longer have their respective passwords. This solution additionally comes with a free of cost trial edition that offers users with the ability to reset Admin password SQL via recovery and let users preview the credentials of your Server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reset lost SA password of SQL Server 2017?
Yes, SQL SA password recovery tool can recover lost SA password of SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014 & all below versions.
Does this password recovery software require for having SQL Server environment?
Yes, to recover a lost SQL database password, software required for having SQL Server installed on your machine.
Can I use this password recovery utility on my Windows 10 system?
Yes, the software is able to reset SQL Server SA password on windows 10 system.
Do I need to take backup of my master.mdf file when using this SQL password recovery software?
Yes, It is recommended to make a copy of your master.mdf file As the software does changes in it.

Client Reviews of SQL Password Reset Tool

Elvis, Austria


Losing password really makes things difficult which was experienced recently when SQL password was forgotten. But thanks to this software we could save our time and efforts helping us to recover SQL SA password. The SQL password recovery software is very useful and equally advanced in terms of performance and features.

Ethan, Kentucky


SQL SA password recovery is practically significant and works very fast. It deliberately removed and reset SQL Server SA password provided by multiple users on their users accounts. Interface is quite simple and all the passwords were reset at once also saving much of our time. Thanks for developing such software, it is genuinely a worth investment

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