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Decrypt Encrypted SQL Server Stored Procedure and other Database Objects Like Views, Triggers & Functions by Using SQL Decryptor Software

  • Decrypt Encrypted Objects of SQL Server 2019 & all below versions
  • Decrypt Objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Views
  • Export into SQL Server Database & .sql script
  • Decrypt Encrypted Database Object of Any Size
  • Export into two different modes: With Encryption & Without Encryption
  • Microsoft SQL Server Should be installed on Machine for decryption

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SQL Decryptor to Remove Encryption from SQL Database

Encrypting wrong database will lead you to demanding a solution that could decrypt SQL database like triggers, stored procedures, functions, views. In order to regain accessibility of encrypted database, users are suggested to avail a third party solution that is capable of carrying out all the technical steps and integrally decrypt the encryption done on it. However, the SQL decryptor software offered by our organization is absolutely feasible for you to avail a successful solution. The best thing about SQL Server decryption tool is that, it works without any complicated step i.e. has a very user friendly UI, which allows even novices to work with it smoothly.

Key Features of SQL Decryptor Tool

Remove Encryption From SQL Database

Decrypt SQL Database

SQL decryptor intactly remove encryption from SQL Server stored procedure and other database objects like triggers, stored procedures, functions, views without any data loss.


Preview Decrypted Scripts

After executing decryption process the SQL decryptor software provides the preview of decrypted SQL database elements like Stored Procedure, Triggers etc.

Dual Login Mode

Support Both Authentication

This valuabale and prominient software supports both types of authentication i.e. Windows & SQL Server Authentication.

Large Database Decryption

Decrypt Large Size

It handle as well as decrypt large size encrypted database of SQL Server easily and rapidly. Thus perform large decryption process.

Export Decrypted Database

Export Data After Decryption

Export or migrate the decrypted SQL database script files directly to SQL Server or SQL Server Compatible Script files.

Live SQL Server

Decrypts on Live SQL Server

To carry out decoding or decrypt the encrypted SQL Server database script files fruitfully, it requires live SQL Server environment.

Support Variants

Works on SQL 2019 & Below

It comfortably executed on overall existing SQL Server Version upto 2019 and also well supports the Windows OS version upto 8.1.

Export Selected Items

Export Selective Database

This excellent feature helps to export selected items to the specified destination. Thus it prevents bulk export as well as time.

Ways to Decrypt SQL Server Database Objects


The encryption as well as decryption keys of SQL Server triggers are generated on the backend within the SQL Server engine. Not only the Database Administrator but even the Server user cannot view it properly. Even though they can be seen but cannot be understood due to unreadability. Due to encryption, in case an unauthorized user tries to access any of the objects within the respective database, readability or viewing ability cannot be availed.

Many a times, it is observed that because of damaged hard drive sectors, alterations within encryption algorithms, hardware failures, or malware intrusion, etc decryption keys get deleted or destroyed. This situation leads to causing the Server administrator inability of decrypting database items. Even after entering the exact login credentials along with other details, decryption procedure fails.

In such cases to decrypt SQL Server database, users will have to avail a third party application like SQL decryptor tool. It is one of the best available applications which can be used for decrypting database even from the most complicated cases of encryption. Using the trial version of this application will help you in understanding its interface prior to purchasing its licensed edition.

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NOTE :- To Remove Encryption from SQL database you need to purchase the license version to export & save.

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Watch How SQL Decryptor Removes Encryption from SQL Database

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove encryption from SQL database?

Steps to decrypt encrypted objects of SQL Server database:

  • Download >> Install >> Launch SQL database decryptor on your Machine & click on Start
  • Establish a connection to the SQL Server by filling the asked details.
  • Click on Next to preview of encrypted objects
  • Again, Click on Next button to Export desired objects to SQL Server Database or .SQL Scripts file
Can I use SQL Decryptor tool to Decrypt SQL stored procedures?
Yes, the software can decrypt encrypted SQL Server stored procedures and other database objects.
Do I need to have live SQL Server environment to decrypt encrypted SQL Server Stored Procedure?
Yes, the SQL decryptor software require for having live SQL Server Environment to decrypt SQL database objects.
Can I use this tool to decrypt encrypted stored procedure of SQL Server 2012?
Yes, the SQL Decryptor is able remove encryption from SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016 & all the below versions.

Client Reviews of SQL Database Decryption Tool

Anaya Madoka, Japan


I need to decrypt encrypted SQL database file and was worried about the security and integrity of data as I was not in the state to bear any loss. The main concern was the large size of the SQL file but this tool helped me out in fulfilling all the challenges. Thanks to the tool as it make my work so easier and now I can remove encryption from any size of sql files.

Martin, Italy


I have an encrypted stored procedure on my production server that I wanted to decrypt for making some modifications on it. I did try the decryption procedure but could not succeed. At last I have chosen the SQL Decryptor software and could easily decrypt my encrypted stored procedures in a few clicks. Thanks to the developers for creating such a helpful utility

Jack, USA


I tried so many things, but I didn't get any solution. At last, this SQL Decryptor easily decrypted all the objects of my SQL Server 2014 database.

Olaf, Sweden


I had used this SQL decryptor on my company's database where an ex employee had encrypted some of its Stored Procedures. I had only option is to use this software and it worked for me.

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