Know How SQL Log Analyzer Works

  1. Download the software setup >> Install & Open SQL Log Analyzer.
    Install SQL Log Analyzer Tool
  2. Click on Open tab to import LDF file.
    Click to Open SQL Log File
  3. Browse LDF file.
    Choose SQL LDF file
  4. Select LDF file & click on "Open" button.
    Select SQL LDF File
  5. Now select associated MDF file & Click "Ok" Button.
    Add MDF File
  6. Now you can view the log data associate to each table.
    View SQL Server Log File
  7. You can sort elements according to transactions, Time, Table Name, Transaction Name & Query.
    Sort According to Transactions
  8. View the details of selected row.
    Preview data of selected row
  9. Select tables to export.
    Select Tables to Export
  10. Now click Export button.
    Export SQL Log File Data
  11. Select export option to save the analyzed records:
    SQL Server Database: Export data to SQL Server & fill the necessary credentials like SQL Server Name, Database Name, User Name & Password. You can also create new destination database by selecting it.
    SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts: By using this option, you can export data to local machine for further use.
    CSV: Select CSV option to get report of SQL log data.
    Export SQL Log Data
  12. Select filter for Insert, Update & delete Records.
    Record Type
  13. >Export records according to date wise.
    Record Type
  14. Select the destination path & click on "Export" button.
    Select Destination Path
  15. Export completed successfully.
    Export Completed