Steps to Repair Corrupt SharePoint File

  1. Download the software setup >> Install & Open Sharepoint Recovery Tool
    Open Sharepoint Recovery Tool from Start menu
  2. Click on the Browse button and then select the desired corrupted or damaged SharePoint MDF file from your system and click on the Open button.
    Browse corrupted or damaged sharepoint MDF file
  3. Now click on recovery option to start the process.
    Select recovery option
  4. After clicking on it the software will start the recovery process and a dialog box will appear showing the live status.
    Dialog box showing the live status
  5. This Software will now show the preview of all the documents of the repaired MDF file.
    Previes the documents of repaired MDF file
  6. Click on the Export button to save the repaired MDF file.
    Two options will appear :
    You can directly export to SQL Server Database
    You can export as documents then select "Sharepoint Documents" radio button.
    click on Export button
  7. Fill up the required Database credential and select export.
    Fill up database credential
  8. A pop box will appear asking whether you want to recover deleted record as well.
    Do you want to recover deleted record
  9. Now the software will show live export progress report
    Live export progress report
  10. After the recovery progress you will able to see the table names and Exported Record Count xport progress report.
    Tabel names are shown